I specialize in custom portraits of the highest standard. Photography sessions can take place on location either outside or a studio. Appointments are available Saturday and Sunday. There are available evening appointments as well - perfect for Sihouette sessions- my favorite! What does a photo session with me look like. What can you expect. Most of the clients I work with do not take part in photoshoots on a regular basis. There are a few things that will help you make the session successful and fun . Below is a list of information about how to make the most of your session.



  • We will work together to create a session that you will meet your goals for your photo session. It will be completely customized to you.
  • Regardless of the session type you will receive a custom session completely customized to your photography needs.
  • Prior to your session, we will spend time discussing your vision for the portraits. This discussion will help me tailor the experience for your needs.
  • The goal of the photo session will be to create images in my style with your vision.
  • You will have portraits that reflect your style.


  • My goal is to capture the personal connections, intimacy and love of those involved of the session.
  • I bringing you together create opportunity to capture and celebrate your relationship.
  • Your family is special and the love you share should be celebrated!
  • I will find your inner you, help you see your beauty and capture a side of you that not many see.


My job is to help you feel comfortable in front of the camera. By following the steps outlined we will be prepared and confident on the day of the session. During the session, I’ll encourage you to be yourself, to show me the connection you share when you are in your family moments. I am there to guide and direct you – I want you to look your best.


You have booked your portrait session. What's next? Clothing is important. It impacts so much in regard to the session. The colors, the style and how they look will impact the mood of the images and how you feel during the session. Your choices need to be considered and finalized prior to the session date. You are not on your own in this venture. I will guide you along the way on what to wear. Some general rules are below.

  • Comfortable trumps all, but let's not be sloppy. Something you are proud to wear that you look and feel beautiful in.
  • Neutral colors work best with a pop of color. 
  • Add interest with textures and layers. For little girls a cute raffle or boys a vest.
  • If someone must have a print, keep it neutral and inline with the other clothing.
  • Jewelry isn't a must have, but if you choose to wear it should not over power the outfit.


  • Neon and bright colors. Unless it is a statement for who you are these can prove challenging and create color casts.
  • Black and white combos. Think everyone is the same shirt color coordinates you- well it does, but in a bad way.
  • If we add a texture or pattern, keep it simple and do not combine them and have multiple people wearing them.
  • Avoid wearing anything with a visible logo.
  • We are not looking for matchy matchy- we are looking for coordinated. 

folio images
family images over fire place
newborn and baby image in living room


After the session I will pick the best images that will be edited in my style, before they are presented to you as the finished images at your viewing appointment, approximately 2 weeks after your session. I will edit your images in a way that brings out the mood and beauty of the images. When you visit the studio we will pick your favorites and help you pick your art work.


At the end of the session my goal is and I hope we share this goal is to create beautiful art work and portraits to share with family and friends. My goal is to provide you with your images in a medium that accentuates the images and provides you with the satisfaction that you have created a lasting legacy.



“Patricia was a pleasure to work with from start to finish!! I knew I wanted to capture my relationship with my daughter (then 1 year old) but I struggled with a vision for the shoot. Patricia helped me design the photo shoot and even helped me hand pick outfits for the big day! She took care of my hair and makeup the day of and I had so much fun even though it was hard work. When it came time for the big reveal, I was blown away! The photos exceeded my expectations.”

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